How to Find the Ticker Symbols for Stocks

by Tina Amo

A stock ticker symbol is a series of letters assigned to a company for trading. Stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the NYSE Amex Equities (formerly the American Stock Exchange) have up to three letters, while stocks traded on NASDAQ have four or five. Stocks traded on the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) are a combination of numbers and letter. You can learn discover stock symbols with resources on the Internet and offline.

NASDAQ Tickers

1. Visit Nasdaq's website and proceed to the “U.S. Stock Quotes, Charts, and Research” page.

2. Click the “Symbol Lookup” link above the blank field. A dialog box appears over the page. You can use it to search for companies trading on Nasdaq, NYSE, NYSE Amex Equities and OTCBB .

3. Type the name of the company into the blank field. Click the “Name” radio button and the “Starting with” radio button if they are not automatically selected.

4. Click “Go Now.” The box displays the stock symbol, stock type and market.

Stock Symbols on Yahoo! Finance

1. Visit the Yahoo! Finance home page.

2. Enter the name of the company in the blank field. As you type, the stock symbols that the company uses in various markets appear in a drop down list beneath the field.

3. Click the “Get Quote” button. The ticker symbol appears above the performance chart on the following page.

Stock Symbols on MSN Money

1. Visit Click on the “Money” link above the page.

2. Click on the blank field and enter the name of the company for which you want to find a ticker symbol.

3. Click the "Get Quote" button. The company's ticker symbol appears on the following page, above the information on the stock's performance.

Stock Table in Newspapers

1. Open the business section of the newspaper. Turn to the stock listings.

2. Search the stock column for the company in which you are interested. The company names are arranged alphabetically.

3. Check the ticker column, beside the stock column, for the corresponding ticker symbol.

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