Free Stock Portfolio Tools

by D. Laverne O'Neal

Investing in the stock market can be both scary and exhilarating. But once the emotions have subsided, you need to think clearly about where you've put your money -- and how well it is performing. Stock portfolio tools can help you choose stocks and track and analyze performance, among other tasks. Many websites allow you to download such tools for free.

Stock Spy

If your head aches at the sight of stock performance charts, in part because you find it difficult to put them into context, Stock Spy is an option to explore. This program's NewsChart feature helps you analyze stock ups and downs by virtually connecting news of company events to graphic representations of price fluctuations. You can even choose for yourself which news feeds the program should track. In addition, the user can take a look at old news items pertaining to a particular stock.


JStock is a free downloadable program that is dedicated to monitoring stock performance. As a realtime tool, it allows you to view and download information on stock activity. You can also set up portfolios of stocks for the program to track. Additionally, you can program JStock to alert you by email or text message to a given event. For example, you can ask JStock to let you know when the price of a certain stock reaches a set benchmark. As of the time of publication, the software allows you to keep tabs on stocks in 25 foreign countries. The program maintains a 10-year performance history in its database so that you can track how a single stock or group of stocks has fared. JStock also includes portfolio management and charting features.


MAC owners seeking free portfolio analysis tools can turn to Mastock, a program developed specifically for Mac OS X. Mastock allows you to dynamically filter stocks based on indicator performance. Real-time quotes are available, along with historical data. Powerful customization capabilities make Mastock a good fit for the experienced investor, while the simple interface and user-friendly design will appeal to beginners.

Investment Tracking System by Simple Financial Systems

With this tool, Simple Financial Systems simplifies the process of tracking investments at different institutions. You will get concise data and analytical information on everything in your portfolio. The program allows you to set up updates at the interval of your choice -- weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Investment Tracking System is also designed to be easy to learn and use, while providing detail-rich financial reports, charts and graphs.

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