How to Request a POS Bank Statement

by Leslie McClintock

Credit and debit card purchases are an increasingly large part of the retail sales picture. Many merchants, however, are confused by the different statements and sponsoring banks. If you have signed on with a merchant services provider to process your debit and credit card transactions - also called "POS," or "point of sale" transactions, the provider should be able to provide you with a weekly or monthly statement detailing all your transactions and fees. Your merchant services processing bank may be a different bank than the one that runs your business checking account.

1. Look at the top or front of your credit card processing terminal at the point of sale, by the register or waitress's station. Most credit card processing companies will put a sticker or placard on the terminal with instructions for operation and a phone number.

2. Identify your merchant services account number and call the phone number on the sticker. If there is no sticker, you may need to pull your merchant services contract that you received when you first signed on with the merchant services provider and look for a phone number and address.

3. Contact the company using the most convenient method listed on the sticker or in the contract, Be prepared with your Social Security number and possible additional identifying information.

4. Request a POS bank statement from your contact at the processing bank.


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