Recurring Revenue Ideas for Coaches

by Kathy Adams McIntosh

Coaching provides meaning and fulfillment for many individuals. As a coach, you work for yourself, doling out advice and direction to others. Building on your experience and education, you meet with clients, listen to their challenges and provide feedback. You may visit your clients at different sites to observe their behavior. You earn money only when you see clients, making income sporadic and unpredictable. You can build these recurring revenue ideas into your business to increase ongoing income.

Write a Column

Consider writing a column to earn recurring revenue. Make a list of topics that relate to your area of expertise. Write several sample columns, choosing a separate topic for each column. Contact various editors and provide your sample columns. Ask them to purchase the column. Newspapers, magazine and ezines all provide opportunities where you can publish columns. As a bonus, the column may attract additional clients.


Some clients may benefit from attending a camp. A camp provides a concentrated look at your services. The attendees spend anywhere from one day to several weeks with you. They discuss their challenges, role play various scenes and learn how to handle situations differently. Provide immediate feedback to each attendee. Schedule camps on a regular basis and communicate this schedule to your clients.

Podcast Subscriptions

Some clients enjoy receiving reminders or snippets of their coach’s advice. Meet this need by selling podcast subscriptions. A podcast includes a short video of you discussing a specific topic. You can release a new podcast on a daily or weekly basis. Subscribers receive electronic delivery of each podcast once you release it.


You should design a website focused on your business. On the website, one section should be accessible only to members. Require members to pay for access to this section of the website. Write private blog entries to include in this section and include a forum for members to communicate with each other. The website also provides information to potential new clients regarding your service.

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