How to Get a Past Stock Price

by David Sarokin

The price of a company's stock can bounce around like butter on hot skillet. A company's stock price is affected by the ups and downs of the general market as well as by events, news, earnings and investor sentiment for the specific company. For example, an automobile recall notice cause a car company's stock prices to plummet, while introduction of a hot, new cell phone can help a technology company's share prices to soar. You can check historical stock prices with online tools.

1. Find the company's stock symbol using an online stock symbol search tool, viewing the company's investor webpage or by contacting the company's investor services division.

2. Enter the stock symbol in an online investors search tool that provides historical price information, such as Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance. Click "Search," "Get Quotes" or a similar function to display financial information about the company.

3. Click "Historical" if historical prices are not immediately displayed to open a table or graph of historical prices for the stock you are searching.

4. Adjust the date range of the historical information to view prices on the dates you are interested in knowing. You can type the dates in the date entry fields. Some sites also provide a click-and-drag function on the company graph that allows you to expand the range of dates displayed. The site will show the stock prices for the date or dates of interest.


  • Your broker can also provide historical price information, either in person, over the phone or on your broker's website.

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