How to Make a Stock Portfolio List to Check Daily

by Melanie J. Martin

Creating a stock portfolio list to check daily allows you to track the performance of potential investments. Your list will include stocks you're interested in purchasing but haven't decided on completely. Tracking these stocks daily before purchasing them will help you to better predict how they will continue performing over time.

1. Create a watch list of five to 15 stocks. Read expert analysis of the stocks on your list to ensure you select stocks that are expected to continue performing well. Look at trusted news sources, such as the Wall Street Journal and Market Watch, to research the stocks.

2. Select a stock portfolio tracking tool that allows you to track your chosen stocks without investing money in them. You'll find free online portfolio tracking tools through websites such as NASDAQ and Smart Money. Simply create an account and then customize your watch list. Brokers also often provide such tracking tools. However, if using a tool provided by a broker, make sure you aren't investing real money, as Chris M. Hart advises in "I Want to Make Money in the Stock Market."

3. Elect to track how the stocks performed in the past so you'll have a better understanding of how they've performed over the course of time. If you wish to know how the stock would have performed for you over the course of the past year, set your purchase date for a year ago. Then review the charts and figures provided by the tracking tool for each stock. Continue reading news and analysis for the stocks on your watch list.

4. Create a smaller alpha list of your highest-performing stocks when you feel confident that you have targeted your strongest investments. Determine which ones have earned the most over the past year, and which experts believe will continue to perform well. Then choose two to five of the highest-performing stocks in which to invest real money.


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