How to Invest Your Money for Highest Interest Rates

by Robert Lee

Investing your money for the highest interest rates usually means selecting investments offered by a bank, credit union or other savings institution. Savings products advertising an interest rate are very different than other investments that may yield greater profits. Investing in gold, real estate and foreign government debt may yield higher rates of return but offer little protection for investors. You could strike it rich in those investments or lose everything. Reputable financial planners may recommend a mixture of risky investments offering a high rate of return and safer investments tied to published interest rates.

1. Purchase certificates of deposit. CDs offer some of highest interest rates available from banks and credit unions.

2. Invest in U.S. Treasury securities. The federal government backs Treasury Bonds, Treasury Notes, Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds. All may offer higher interest rates than CDs, but rates fluctuate. Learn about Treasuries investments at the government's TreasuryDirect website.

3. Consult with your financial planner to consider other investments not protected by the U.S. government. Invest in the stock market by choosing stocks possibly offering a high rate of return -- but requiring significant risk. So-called growth stocks and foreign stocks are risky but very profitable potentially.

4. Ask your financial planner’s advice on other investment opportunities that may currently offer a high rate of return. Possibilities include real corporate and municipal bonds, and collectibles.


  • Insist on a balanced portfolio based on your stage in life. A college graduate just starting to invest may focus on long-term investments. A retiree may focus on investments that can offer immediate results.


  • Do not invest more than you can afford to lose in high-risk investments. Never put complete faith in a financial advisor. Learn on your own and ask good questions.

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