When Is Tax Free Day in Georgia?

by Jillian Peterson

For several years, Georgia residents and out-of-state visitors enjoyed Georgia's tax-free holiday. Tax-free weekend allowed families and teachers to purchase school supplies, clothing and certain electronic items, such as computers, without the burden of sales tax.


The Georgia sales tax holiday typically runs the weekend before the majority of Georgia's public schools return to session. Historically, this was the last weekend of July or the first weekend of August each year.


The purpose of the Georgia sales tax holiday was to assist Georgia families and teachers that needed to purchase back-to-school supplies and clothing while encouraging purchases to be made locally for back-to-school needs.


In 2009, the Georgia sales tax holiday suspended sales tax on school supplies priced below $20 each, clothing and footwear priced under $100 each and computers priced below $1,500.

Program Status

In 2010, the Georgia sales tax holiday was suspended due to economic difficulties. The three bills pertaining to the holiday failed to pass legislation, thus ending the program.

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