What Is the Salary of Tax Preparers?

by Joshua Duvauchelle

More than 11 million Americans get help from tax preparers every year who help them calculate and file their taxes, according to the National Association of Tax Professionals. The average salary for these tax preparers varies depending on where they're employed and where they live. All cited wage data comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2010-2011 occupational handbook, which was last updated with 2009 data.

General Tax Preparers

About 97 percent of all tax preparers work for accounting, bookkeeping, payroll service or tax preparation companies. Such employers generally pay their preparers an annual salary of $35,740, or $17.18 an hour.

Tax Preparation Specialists

The other top four employers of tax preparers are management and technical consulting companies, where the average salary for tax preparers was $38,750; enterprise or company management firms at $51,500; financial investment firms at $54,110; and insurance carriers, where a tax preparer's average salary is $62,090.

Employers by Average Salary

The top three highest-paying employers of tax preparers are insurance carriers, legal service companies and financial investment companies. The respective average annual salary at each one rings in at $62,900, $58,000 and $54,110.

States by Employment

The top three states that host the most tax preparers are Michigan, where 3,360 people work as tax preparers; Georgia, at 3,020; and Mississippi, at 740. The average salary in Michigan is $28,490; $39,100 in Georgia; and $26,320 in Mississippi.

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