How to Pay New Car Taxes in Kansas

by Brooke Pierce

When buying a car in Kansas, a private seller or dealer has to provide you with required documents so that you can register your new car. The process for paying taxes on your new car varies depending on whether you buy it from a dealer, a private seller or from out of state.

Buying from a Private Seller

The car title is sufficient for determining sales tax you will have to pay on your car -- as long as it contains your signature and name, the private seller’s signature and name and the sales price of your car.

Out of State

If this information is absent, or you are buying your car from a person who lives out of state, you must fill out form TR-11, Affidavit of Purchase Price or a Kansas bill of sale.

Buying From a Dealer

If you buy a vehicle from a registered dealer in Kansas, the dealer must pay the sales tax. The dealer will provide you with form ST-8, the Statement of Kansas State and Local Sales Tax Paid.

Out of State

If you buy the car out of state, the dealer should give you an invoice containing the sales price of your car. You must bring this with you when you visit the nearest Kansas Department of Revenue office to title and register your car.

Transferring Title and Registration

In Kansas, you have 60 days to have your new car titled and registered from the day you bought it. You must visit your local DOR office in person to title and register your new car. You will be required to bring your completed car title, proof of insurance and proof of payment of fees and taxes -- if you purchased your car from an in-state car dealer. You must also pay a registration fee, which is $10 for the title at the time of publication. Some of the registration and title forms required in the transfer of the title and registration are found at the DOR website; an employee at the DOR office will advise you on the forms you need. If your car has a title from outside of the state, you will be required to provide proof of your motor vehicle examination.


  • Call the Kansas DOR in advance to book an appointment and save yourself time.

Issuing License Plates

Upon payment of fees and taxes and submission of documents, you will be able to acquire new license plates. You can get more information on paying car taxes -- as well as the entire process -- from the Kansas revenue department.

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