How to File an Income Tax Return Online in India

by Nathan Adler

The Indian online tax submission system is a fast and easy way to get your taxes in on time. After getting your income statements from your employers. you have several months to submit your forms, but it's easy to forget this important civic duty. The Indian government requires you to download their software and use it to fill out your tax information. Afterwards, it will generate a file that is easy to upload to the government system.

Browse to the Indian Directorate of Income Tax (see Resources).

Select the proper form for your return (a listing of the different forms and what groups they cover can be found in the Resources section).

Download the appropriate software based on your required form. Forms are Microsoft Excel files with added functionality. If you don't have Excel, you may be able to open it in other programs that will open .xls files.

Fill out the form and save it, then click "Generate XML File" to create the file you will upload.

Register an account on the Directorate of Income Tax website by clicking "Register" on the right-hand side.

Log in to your account, select the form type and click "Submit Return."

Browse on your computer to the XML file generated earlier. By default, the file is in the same place that you saved the form.

Click "Upload" to file your return.


  • Taxes are generally due either on either the 31st of July or the 31st of October, depending on your filing status.

Items you will need

  • Computer with spreadsheet software capable of opening Microsoft Excel files

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