How to File Indiana Income Taxes Online

by Carl Raimer

Filing income taxes with the state of Indiana is an extremely simple process due to the new officially supported state-run online filing system. The electronic system is free of charge and is available for all Indiana tax filers, provided that they have filed taxes with Indiana at least once previously. The Indiana Department of Revenue claims that over 150,000 tax filers used the online system during the 2009 tax season, and that over the course of three years, 92 percent of users were completely satisfied with the system.

1. Register with the Indiana I-File system (see Resources). The user registration will ask for information such as Social Security number or tax identification number, and for a self-chosen username and password.

2. Log in to the Indiana I-File system with the username and password registered at the Indiana I-File website (see Resources).

3. Fill out the form. Tax filers have a choice of Form IT-40, IT-40EZ or IT-40RNR. The form will ask for information such as annual gross income and applicable deductibles. The form will have a walkthrough and plenty of help for users who are confused.

4. Pay any necessary taxes and submit the form. The online form will have information on how to pay taxes (such as by submitting checking account information), or information on how a tax refund is issued (such as through direct deposit).

Items you will need

  • Completed federal returns
  • Filed taxes with Indiana in previous year(s)
  • HTML 2.0 compliant and JavaScript-enabled Web browser
  • PDF reader

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