How to Calculate the Percentage of an Over-Budgeted Amount

by C. Taylor

Budgeting for a personal or business project helps keep your expenses within a certain amount. When creating this budget, all expenses need be accounted for, including supplies, equipment, employees and an allocation for unforeseen expenses. Unfortunately, even with the utmost foresight, projects will at times fail to meet the anticipated budget. The amount over budgeted may be expressed as a percentage, which meaningfully relates the amount to the original budget.

1. Calculate the total expenses of the project. Be sure to include all applicable expenses.

2. Subtract the original budget amount from the total expenses. As an example, if you allocated $10,000 for a project, but the expenses totaled $11,500, then the difference would be $1,500.

3. Divide the difference by the original budget. In the example, this gives 0.15.

4. Multiply this figure by 100 to convert it into a percentage. In the example, you went over budget by 15 percent.

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