How to Buy From the American Stock Exchange

by Marilyn Lindblad

The American Stock Exchange began on Broad Street in New York in the 1800s. NYSE Euronext acquired the American Stock Exchange in 2008. NYSE Euronext makes equities from the American Stock Exchange available for trading on its subsidiary exchange, NYSE Amex. To invest in stocks that were once traded in the American Stock Exchange, invest in stocks that now trade on the NYSE Amex.

1. Review the equities listed on NYSE Amex. Investors may choose from hundreds of stocks, mutual funds and index funds that trade on the NYSE Amex exchange. Research the products, and choose investment vehicles that fit well with your overall wealth-building strategy.

2. Open a brokerage account with a firm that trades on NYSE Amex. The exchange issues trading licenses to brokerage firms that wish to trade on its floor. A full-service firm will select investments for you and take its commission from your investment funds. A discount firm will charge much less, but you must tell your broker which investments to buy.

3. Place an order with your broker for stocks, bonds, funds or securities that are listed on NYSE Amex. Specify whether you want to purchase specific securities when they reach a specified price or as many shares as you can get of a security for a specified price.

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